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As many of you know, I don’t name my paintings. I also don’t sign the front of them. I do this because I want you to have your own interpretation of them. I want them to be what YOU want them to be. 
Until now.
I showed this painting at the Concours d' Elegance in Hillsborough. I had it standing upright on an easel. It received many compliments. The wind kept blowing it down on its side. Probably 20 times. I continued to put it back upright on the easel. Finally I gave in and left it on its side.

A young woman with two very small children came up to the painting and just stared at it. I left her alone with it at first, but then went over to her and asked her what she thought. She said it looks like a “gathering of souls”. She explained that it reminded her of people who had passed away, and were gathering together. She said she felt like they were happy to meet one another. It was a party of strangers who will now become friends. 

I told her I was a hospice nurse and that her words really resonated with me. She shared a story that ten years prior (probably the age of 13-15) she had to have a heart transplant and almost died. She lived. She lives her life so fully now. 

We spoke about life, about death and about how fragile and precious it is. I told her about my book, she asked to read it. She shared words to a song she wrote. It was a very special and intimate moment for both of us. 

Friends...  I would like you to meet: the Gathering of Souls 


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