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Gabrielle Elise Jimenez, Artist

Thank you for visiting my site, 

I paint for many reasons but it started out as a hobby. Sometimes I painted sugar skulls, sometimes trees and sunsets; each time I felt drawn in by color and patterns and the natural way the paint moves and flows on canvas when restrictions and intention are removed. As a Hospice nurse I am exposed to a variety of different emotions, which understandably tug at my heart. Painting became an outlet for me to work through those emotions. 

My paintings hung on all of the walls at Vino Locale, a Palo Alto restaurant, for several weeks. As I walked through it, showing a friend, she said "I feel like I am walking through the pages of your diary. Each painting seems to reflect whatever you were feeling at the time". I realize this to be true. My paintings reflect many things; the emotions I am feeling, the music I am listening to or the wine I might be sipping. Sometimes... it is all of the above.

You will notice that I do not sign the front of my paintings. I do this so they can be hung the way you want them to be. Once they become yours, they get to be seen from your perspective. 

Most of the paintings you will see on this site have been sold. I do not make two paintings the same. However, I welcome the challenge of creating something unique and amazing just for you. I will continue to add new paintings as they are created. Please check-in often, I would hate for you to miss out on something. xo

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